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My name is Alan Condon and I am a lifelong martial artist. I  have been actively training for 40 Years.

My training and Alan Condon owner of Empire Martial Artsthirst for knowledge in the Self Defense and combative arts have led me to train with some of the world’s top authorities. I have Black Belts and teaching credentials in 6 different Martial Art styles…

Krav Maga, American Kickboxing, Kajukenbo, Muay Thai, American Kenpo, Kuntaw/Arnis, Indonesian Silat, Shaolin Kempo, Shootfighting, Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Close Quarter Battle/Military Tactics.


As Featured in Men's Fitness

As Featured in Men’s Fitness

I am a noted seminar speaker and self-defense instructor. I have worked with numerous Businesses, colleges, universities, women’s groups, children’s organizations and affiliated Martial Art schools. I have has also trained various Law Enforcement Agencies in Weapon Retention and Close-Quarter Combat Techniques.

Empire Martial Arts classes past and current clients include members of the Elite Navy SEALS, Army Special Operation Group, Marine Recon, Navy Special Boat Units, Army Rangers, Capital District Police agencies, Colonie SWAT and the New York State Police.

I have many S.W.A.T team leaders that consider me an expert in both Weapon and Empty-Handed Self-Defense, they have stated that my training have helped them survive as well as protect others.

Albany Martial Arts InstructionSo my unique training and learning progressions offer a systematic, building-block approach to developing practical Martial Arts Skills.

I’m not bragging here, I’m simply stating the facts and helping 100’s of people in my area feel safer over the years has taught me.

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Womens Fitness Krav Maga Albany NYThe results are clear to anyone smart enough to check us out. Our school is founded on the principles of teaching excellence, personal attention and tradition.  At Empire Martial Arts, our instructors are personally selected, not only for their martial arts skill, but also for their ability to effectively communicate their knowledge and understanding to clients of all ages. We know that each client has different goals and we help you reach yours, plain and simple!

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Martial Arts Instruction Empire Martial Arts Albany NYA Private Self Defense Lesson worth $69.00.

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Martial Arts Instruction Empire Martial Arts Albany NYFree “SAFE HOME & FAMILY GAME PLAN” SYSTEM – “The 5 Things You Must Do if You Ever Become The Victim of a Home Invasion. This System Can Save Your Life” ($PRICELESS)

Home invasions are not simply “burglars looking for cash and merchandise.” Home invasion are deadly! In fact, the stats show that 1 out of 5 homes in the United States will experience a break in or some type of home invasions. That’s more than 8000 every day!  Now thats scary.

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Alan Condon

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