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Krav Maga Albany NY will ensure you Focus each day on joy.  Be Happy, Don’t wait for everything to be perfect.  At Empire Martial Arts Israeli Krav Maga instruction will ensure you are more confident and have a reduced stress level.  There will always be things that seem less than perfect. Don’t let worry and stress steal your joy!

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Have you ever worried about something, and said to yourself, “I’ll be so happy when I get past this hurdle. Then I can relax and be happy!”  Then, when you DO get past that particular hurdle, instead of relaxing and being happy…your brain seeks out some new thing to worry about!  You can take an intro in Krav Maga in Albany NY for just $19.

find-out-more-buttonIf you have ever had this experience, you can see that it is a pattern of your brain – to seek out the next thing to worry about.  But it doesn’t have to work this way. Once you become aware of the “seeking nature” of your brain, you can, with some simple mental discipline, train your brain to focus on the next thing that will make you happy!

And – truthfully now – how many of those things that you were worried about actually happened? Probably very few! And – of the small number that did actually happen…how much did your worrying help?

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Worry and stress. Not only do they steal your joy in the present. If left unchecked, they eventually kill you.

Master this area of your life…before it “masters” you!

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