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Unstoppable CONFIDENCE, Greater FITNESS, MOTIVATION & The Ability to Defend Yourself and Your Family?

Find Out Why Albany KRAV MAGA at Empire Self Defense & Fitness is the Proven Secret for Self Defense, Fun and Getting in Shape FASTER Than You’ve Ever Dreamed Possible!

KRAV MAGA  is a proven system of self defense and fitness used by celebrities to get in shape quickly, burn fat and just have great FUN! Our KRAV MAGA Training Program will Make You Fit, Formidable and the Envy of Your Friends, Co-Workers and Neighbors…

These are quotes that we have heard before they took action from some of our students & friends
OH, I’m too out of shape right now! —
I’m going to wait until I’m more in shape.

Are you Ready to take a self defense class

Albany Krav Maga and Self Defense School Albany NY


“I have been attending Empire Martial Arts for about 6 months now, and my only regret is not starting sooner.”

– Tim Coffey

“I would recommend Empire Martial Arts to anyone, individual or family, that would like to get into shape in a non-traditional, fun, relaxed atmosphere while gaining all the benefits of learning martial arts. GO TEAM EMPIRE!”

– Brian D. Kelly

“Alan and his instructors make me feel welcome and always give me the support and encouragement to succeed. Coming here is a great stress relief and best of all, it’s fun!”

– Jody Kelly

They were going to wait until they got into shape or they were going to start a new CRAZY DIET.

read on to find out more about self defense

Ah, we know this one all too well, because we’ve been there ourselves!

Our students at Empire Martial Arts had varying fitness levels when they first started.
They had tried the GYM with limited success and home work out machines that they now use to dry laundry.

You don’t need to be in shape to get started….thats our job and we are really good at it. just ask any of our members.

watch this self defense video

Did you know that increasing your activity level with our specially designed programs will also provide you with a number of additional benefits?
– Yep, it’s a fact! Elevated levels of endorphins in the bloodstream after exercise will elevate your mood – period.
Trust us, you will experience a boost in your energy levels while dramatically improving how you look and feel!

Act Now

Empire Krav Maga self defense class offer

Krav Maga Self-Defense And Martial Arts
Fitness Gifts for Just $19!

It’s a No-Brainer to Try This Out…

Call us at (518) 456-2582 or fill out the form below to set up a  Introductory Trial Lesson.

You can even bring a friend with our 2-for-1 special…

You’re One Step Closer to Claiming Your Intro to Krav Maga

Albany Krav Maga No obligation Trial

Which Includes:

Empire Krav Maga offer

That’s Right, You’ll Be Able to Sample 1 Private Krav Maga Class and 1 Beginner Krav Maga Class for just $19! There are No Hooks, and There’s Certainly No Obligation! Here’s what you can expect…

Self Defense Martial Arts Instruction Empire Martial Arts Albany NY 1 Private and 1 Beginner Group Session ($79 Value) this way you can get started with Absolutely NO Risk!
Self Defense Martial Arts Instruction Empire Martial Arts Albany NY A Free Official Empire Martial Arts T-Shirt ($20.00 Value) our way of saying thanks for checking us out!
Self Defense Martial Arts Instruction Empire Martial Arts Albany NY Free “Fitness Goals & Personal Security” Action Plan Evaluation ($29.00 Value)

Your Health and Personal Safety Are Very Important. During this Free Session We’ll Outline the Exact Action Plan to help you Achieve Your Fitness Goals with Absolute Certainty, While Helping You Take The First Steps Toward Enhanced Levels of Personal Safety. this is priceless.

Register Below To Begin Your Trial of Our Exclusive Adult Self Defense and Fitness Program

Self Defense Martial Arts Instruction Empire Martial Arts Albany NY1 Private Session  – 1 Group Class and a T- Shirt

No Tricks, No Gimmicks
And Certainly No Obligation!

Here’s How It Works…

You will  see a beginner class so that you can make sure getting in amazing shape while learning personal empowerment will fit into your busy schedule.

You will also get to meet other adults just like you. These “classmates” share your same interests and goals. At one time they even shared your frustrations!

Get Started Today!

There is simply no obligation on your part either way. You couldn’t ask for more … really!

Fill Out This Form NowSelf Defense Martial Arts Instruction Empire Martial Arts Albany NY

Want to get Started sooner give Cheryl a call today and set up your intro class and we can get you started today 518-456-2582


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