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I take Albany Krav Maga classes at Empire Martial Arts and it is the best decision I’ve ever made. Krav isn’t a traditional martial art, it’s more self defense based– and I’m the youngest in my class at 20 years old. They also offer brazillian Ju Jitsu, Muay Thai, Kick Boxing as well as boot camps and kettlebells.

… said Karin

Albany Krav Maga No obligation TrialKids Parents and other Adults in the community ask me how I stay motivated to train as I have been training for 4 Decades later and still going strong, it’s all in your mindset. In my case the simple answer I won’t settle for 2nd best for myself. I just keep pushing myself to reach new levels.
Alan Condon Owner of Empire Martial Arts

All it takes to become an excellent Martial Artist is to have the beginners mindset to which you need to always be getting better. When one first starts training in Martial Arts you are excited as you literally see yourself improving class by class.  As you get to the intermediate and then the advanced levels, you need to constantly be learning more, getting stronger and moving forward.

What ever it may be that you do, make sure you stay at the top of your game and keep climbing.
Have the “beginner’s mindset” to which you must continue to gain experience, skills, and knowledge.
Keep making progress, keep going ahead, NEVER settle!

Take Action and join the Albany Krav Maga School Albany NYJust know this, YOU WILL NEVER KNOW ENOUGH, you could always be a little bit better…
Always push for more, BUT make sure you respect where you are currently at and where you have come from.

Appreciate how far you have come but keep moving forward!

So you too can become part of TEAM EMPIRE and I will help you achieve the same SUCCESS with all your self defense & Fitness goals.

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